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Growing the cycling community for the good of all.

free2cycle is a game changer in the cycling market, combining technology with a financial services model that will increase business for manufacturers, cycle retailers and related service providers. By opening access to all, regardless of income, accessibility will be greatly increased. Indications are that uptake is likely to deliver a step change in the demand for bikes. We’d like to work with you to make our society a healthier, happier place and improve the environment for the benefit of all.

free2cycle will be providing cyclists with bikes funded by pedal power alone to encourage them to commute by bike.

We handle the funding in conjunction with sponsors. All bike sales will be at the suppliers RRP. Cyclists commit to use their bike for a specified distance per year. Based on this distance, we provide them with a budget of up to £1,750 plus co-funding options by customers which would raise this to £2,750 and the freedom to choose a bike to suit their style and budget. The cyclist has freedom to choose any type of bike and the price point makes e-bikes a realistic option.

Once the customer has selected their bike, free2cycle order from the supplier for delivery to an approved retailer.
Upon collection, the supplier and retailer are paid direct by us, within 7 working days.

Our model is focused on a lean supply chain. Efficiency and the capability to scale, is key. We integrate directly with suppliers and manufacturers to ensure prompt delivery of bikes and speedy payment to suppliers and retailers.