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Encouraging and reinforcing behavioural change - not simply providing a bike

A little encouragement can make a huge difference to someone's life. Why wouldn't you encourage people to lead a healthier, happier lifestyle and improve the environment?

You can also offer to sponsor people as it's not limited to employees. You'll benefit from significant carbon savings which we report on, along with other benefits.

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If the people you sponsor happen to be your employees, research confirms that a healthy team is more energised, increasing productivity whilst reducing sick days. Along with other benefits this typically returns a cost benefit ratio of around 10:1.

With no upfront costs to sponsors, simple administration and tangible payback with major CSR, organisational and team benefits there's really nothing stopping you taking advantage of this fresh approach.

Whether you have a cycle to work scheme or not, Free2Cycle will work for you.
We are turning traditional payment methods upside down by providing people with bikes in exchange for pedal power.

How Free2Cycle differs from existing cycle schemes

Unlike traditional cycle schemes there are no upfront costs. Sponsors are billed based upon the mileage achieved by the cyclist. For the first three months the sponsors contribution matches the cyclist’s pledge. Thereafter, you only pay for the mileage achieved.

Free2Cycle is available to all, regardless of income and no salary sacrifice is required.

The Free2Cycle App tracks and records the cyclist’s mileage achieved.

Sponsors contribute 20p plus VAT per commute mile, however if the cyclist doesn't fulfil their mileage pledge, then they're responsible for the shortfall. Every 2 miles pledged by the cyclist equates to £1 of bike. For a £1,000 bike the sponsor will pay £33 plus VAT per month which is typically rewarded with a positive cost benefit ratio of around 10:1.

By tracking your cyclists’ progress Free2Cycle supply sponsors with a carbon savings report, confirming the positive impact your organisation is having on the environment.

Free2Cycle allows cyclists to take ownership of their bike from day one and we continually encourage them to meet their mileage pledge.