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Encouraging and reinforcing behavioural change - not simply providing a bike

free2cycle offer an innovative solution that takes advantage of technology, behavioural psychology and an attractive business model to transform wellbeing.

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How it works

  • To become a free2cycle sponsor or cyclist there is a simple online registration process.
  • Once registered your team can choose their bikes from a selection of leading manufacturers.
  • The value of bike depends on the number of miles pledged (the mileage the cyclist will ride).
  • free2cycle track the cyclists and sponsors pay 20p (plus vat) per mile recorded.
  • Your team are responsible for meeting their mileage pledge.
  • You only pay for results - if the bike isn’t used, the cyclist pays.
  • As a free2cycle sponsor you benefit from a fitter, healthier and happier team, increased productivity, talent attraction and retention and a positive impact on the environment.

How does it benefit my team?

  • Improved health - studies show that cycling delivers major health and wellbeing benefits.
  • Save money – cycling to work saves individuals about £150 per month (based on data from ONS, HMRC and DfT).
  • Save time - commuting by bike can be more time efficient than using other forms of transport.
  • Improved environment - cycling is kind to the environment, reducing air and noise pollution.

How free2cycle differs from existing cycle schemes?

  • The free2cycle app tracks and records the cyclist’s mileage ridden.
  • There are no upfront costs and free2cycle sponsors are billed for the mileage ridden by the cyclist.
  • free2cycle is available to all of your team, regardless of income and no salary sacrifice is required.
  • There are no payroll or balance sheet implications and minimal administration.
  • By tracking your cyclists’ progress, free2cycle supplies sponsors with a carbon savings report; delivering clear reporting of CO2 reduction and substituted commute mileage confirming the positive impact your organisation is having on the environment.