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Getting more people on bikes and encouraging bike sales, support and service.

free2cycle is a game changer in the cycling market. By opening access to all, bike sales will be greatly increased. free2cycle will deliver a step change in the demand for bikes and we'd like to work with you to benefit your business and build local cycling communities.

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We keep the process simple, use local retailers and provide a healthy margin.

At handover
Retailers earn the majority of the margin (always based on full RRP) when they perform the pre-delivery inspection (PDI) and handover the bike to the free2cycle customer.
There is no cost of holding stock for free2cycle retailers. Bikes are delivered directly to the retailer on order placement and the margin is paid within 7 working days of handover to the cyclist.

We provide our on target cyclists with reward vouchers which can be redeemed at the suppling retailer. Retailers will be paid within 7 days of voucher redemption.