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Supplier FAQs

Where does the money come from and go to and when does everyone get paid?

The liquidity is provided by free2cycle’s funding partners as a loan to the cyclist. free2cycle collects a contribution from the sponsor based on the cyclist’s mileage. In effect, the cyclist’s pedal power pays for the bike. Suppliers and retailers get paid within 7 days of the cyclist collecting their bike from the retailer.

Who controls pricing?

All bikes are provided at supplier’s RRP

Does this replace or compete with other initiatives or schemes?

This is a health and wellbeing initiative based around behavioural change that happens to involve cycling. Our focus is on a whole new market, set to be considerably larger than the current highly contested market.

Is this another internet business?

We use the internet to join the entire supply and demand chain in an efficient way, which is how we make this an extremely scalable solution.
We are part of a cycling industry that is mainly run by cycle enthusiasts who like nothing more than to share the love of cycling. free2cycle is targeting the huge market that don’t currently cycle on a regular basis, who will appreciate the help of friendly local retailers. We will also be working with and supporting other cycling businesses and charities that share our aim of giving people the help, training and encouragement to get on their new bike.

How do you make sure that the customer has ordered the right size bike?

We include the manufacturers’ size guides and information on our website and request cyclists to use these to confirm the bike is the correct size and suitable for them.

We can’t deliver the bike requested.

Please send an email to

We will have delay to the expected delivery date.

Please send an email to