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App FAQs

Do I need a specific mobile device?

The free2cycle app is designed to run on both IOS and Android. Please note a Smartphone will require a minimum operating system, iOS devices: iOS 9.x, iOS 10.x and Android devices: Lollipop (5.0 - 5.1.1), Marshmallow (6.0), Nougat (7.0).

Does it run in the background and use up my battery?

The free2cycle app does run in the background, but it has been designed to have minimal battery drain.

How can I be sure that my ride is being recorded?

Once you have pressed the record icon you will see a riding timer clock start.

How do I know there is a GPS signal?

There is a small green tick next to GPS, once the tick is green you can start pedaling.

How do I stop or pause my ride?

If you wish to pause mid-ride press the blue pause button. When you have finished your ride simply press the red square icon and you will be prompted Yes or No to finish the ride.

How do I know my ride has been saved?

You will be asked if the ride was commute or fitness. Please select either to suit your ride. Once you have done so your ride will be saved.
Any ride which is part of your regular journey to work, or is a regular journey that you previously made by car or public transport should be recorded as “commute”; any other ride (for example, recreational, ad-hoc or occasional journeys) should be classed as “fitness".

How do I decide when a ride is commute rather than fitness?

Any ride which is part of a regular journey that you make, which may include your journey to work, should be recorded as “commute”; any other ride (for example, recreational, ad-hoc or occasional journeys) should be classed as “fitness”.

How do I check on my last ride?

Press the last ride icon to display a map of your last ride.

How do I know how I am keeping up with my mileage pledge?

Press the history icon to display the current month and last 3 months mileage achieved.

Can my sponsor see my ride?

No, we provide your sponsor with a carbon report based on your mileage achieved.

What if I change my phone?

Just download the version to suit your new phone and login using your username and password.

Can I choose my password?

Yes, once you have downloaded your app you can use the same password for this as your chosen password to log in via the free2cycle website.

What if I forget to end my ride?

No worries, the free2cycle app will automatically pause and you can finish the ride when you next open the app.

What if I make a stop part way through my ride such as popping into a coffee shop?

No problem, just pause your app whilst you are stopped and restart when get back on your bike.

Can I use other cycle ride devices like Strava to record my ride?

No but this may happen at some time, the free2cycle app has been designed to communicate with other activity recording devices using a common interface (API).

Can I use the free2cycle app on my mobile device alongside another app like Strava?

Yes, the free2cycle can run alongside other apps that you have and use on your mobile device.

Who do I contact if I have questions or need support on the app?

If you have questions and need assistance with the app, please email