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Sponsor FAQs

What is a Sponsor?

As a sponsor, you agree to fund the mileage based payment of Cyclists from groups who you have chosen to support who sign up to Free2Cycle. These may be your employees, but can extend to other groups that you wish to support.

How do I set-up as a Sponsor?

It's easy. You can apply on line via our webpage where you will also find more information about Free2Cycle. If you're in a hurry then click here and we will take you directly to the application process.

Is there any administration for Sponsors?

We only ask that you upload and maintain an up-to-date list of all members of the groups you choose to support, so that we can confirm those who are eligible to be sponsored by you.

How will it benefit me as a Sponsor?

  • Increased Productivity;
  • Reduced absence;
  • Less sick pay;
  • Significant return on investment; an estimated £10 for every £1 contributed;
  • Opportunity to improve your business with carbon offset & resulting carbon credit opportunities;
  • Healthier, happier team members;
  • Reduced emissions, congestion and traffic noise;
  • Free2Cycle will supply you with a carbon savings report, quantifying the positive impact your organisation is having on the environment.
  • Less investment for extraneous costs, such as parking;
  • Added value to the greater economy.

How does Free2Cycle differ from other cycling schemes?

  • Unlike traditional cycle schemes there are no upfront costs for Sponsors.
  • Free2Cycle is equally attractive to all, regardless of income and no salary sacrifice is required.
  • The Free2Cycle App tracks, records and monitors the Cyclist’s mileage achieved.
    Free2Cycle will track individual progress and will supply you with a monthly report confirming the resulting carbon savings, and the positive impact your organisation is having on the environment.
  • Sponsors contribute 20p plus VAT per mile. A typical commitment of around 3.5 miles each way would enable the cyclist to get a bike worth £600 and cost you £20 per month plus VAT. This investment typically provides a return of around 10 to 1.
  • Unlike current schemes, Free2Cycle requires Cyclists to take ownership of the bike and make a commitment to use it. We focus on encouraging people to take responsibility for their own wellbeing and long term behavioural change.
  • Free2Cycle continually rewards and encourages cyclists to meet their targets. By using their bike it pays for itself; by commuting by bike they earn rewards.

My team member is unable to apply because the Free2Cycle cyclist application process won’t accept them.

Please confirm they are included on your member's list and that they have filled out your company details correctly. The cyclist is requested to enter their first name, last name, date of birth, post code and NI number and if any of these do not match the information you have given to Free2Cycle, your team member will not be able to apply for a bike.
In addition, we give you the option to supply “eligible from” and “eligible to” dates. Your team members will not be eligible to apply outside of this date range.

If they are still unable to continue with their application then please contact us at or