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We all have our reasons2ride but here's one more, in exchange for your pedal power we will donate to your nominated charity or foundation.

By commuting by bike, you make a real difference to our environment, we incentivise commuting. You can nominate your preferred charity as the beneficiary which helps improve the quality of life for others while benefiting your health, wellbeing and our environment. Alternatively, you can use the incentive to cover bike maintenance or accessories at your local bike retailer, you earned it, it's your choice. To give you an example, if you commute an average of 25 miles per week, we'll donate around £25 per year to your nominated charity or foundation.

We are passionate about enabling people, we believe that together we can do more to improve lives and our environment, supporting charities and other organisations that improve quality of life is central to what we do.

If your preferred charity isn't already listed below then drop us a line on to nominate the charity or foundation of your choice.

Let's make your commute count, together we can do more.

Free2Cycle Blog

Little Bleeders

Professional cyclist Alex Dowsett created Little Bleeders to promote the message that despite having a blood disorder young people can still live active lives. We act as a voice for young haemophiliacs in the UK by helping to promote positive participation in sport particularly swimming and cycling.

The Buffalo Foundation

The Buffalo Foundation helps to empower disadvantaged people break out the cycle of poverty and associated social ills through the discipline of sport, supporting learning and further education and creating better prospects for employment. However, the Foundation strives to not just create employable people but also future entrepreneurs.