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Use your bike and it pays for itself!

We know the idea of using something and it paying for itself sounds crazy, but sometimes challenging the norm is what it takes to make a real change.

We'll provide you with a bike and the only way we want you to pay for it is by pedalling. Watch the video below to find out more

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With Free2Cycle the value of the bike is based on your mileage pledge. Every 2 miles equals £1 of bike. For example an annual mileage pledge of 2500 miles provides a bike to the value of £1250.* If you’d like to upgrade the bike, you can do so with a one-off or monthly financial contribution (maximum contribution of £1,000 with bikes capped at £2,750). You have the freedom to choose a bike to suit your style and budget. It could even be an electric assist bike to smooth out those lumps and bumps in the road.

So, here’s the deal:

You tell us your commute mileage and how many times per week you will cycle to and from work. This is your pledge - your mileage commitment.

We will offer you a bike that you won’t need to pay for on the assumption you cycle the distance you pledged.

Research shows that physically active people are healthier and happier.

By taking advantage of a free bike you should make significant savings on the cost of your commute.

*The only way we’d like for a cyclist to pay for their bike is by pedalling it. In order to ensure that the mileage pledge is realistically achievable and minimise the chance of the cyclists needing to make a contribution we reduce mileage pledge based on average leave days and other factors.