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Use your bike and it pays for itself!

We know the idea of using something and it paying for itself sounds crazy, but sometimes challenging the norm is what it takes to make a real change.

We'll provide you with a bike and the only way we want you to pay for it is by pedalling. Use your bike and it pays for itself, use it to commute and you earn rewards.

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Let's face it for most of us finding extra time and in many instances the money to keep fit and healthy is just not realistic…

By taking advantage of a bike with us you could end up saving a load of money off the average commute and embrace a healthier, happier and fitter lifestyle.

How do you get your hands on a new bike?

It’s simple and it all starts here…

  • Take a look at our application checklist before you begin.
  • Click apply now, tell us your mileage pledge and we will show you which bikes we can offer you.
  • If your Sponsor is registered you’re on a roll, follow our easy application process and choose your bike.
  • If your Sponsor is not yet registered, please share their details with us during the application process, we’ll get in touch with them. You may also want to approach your Sponsor/Human Resources Team about Free2Cycle. Together we can encourage them to sign up.
  • Collect your bike from your friendly local retailer.
  • Jump on your bike and start pedalling.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch, our aim is to encourage people to get outdoors and be more active, we figure a bike is a pretty good way to help! Using your bike to substitute your commute mileage as well as for fun and fitness will allow you to boost your activity levels and keep healthy.

In order to get your hands on a bike that you don’t have to pay for you simply need to give us your mileage pledge and uphold your commitment.

To get your bike you will need to enter into a finance agreement, however the loan will be covered by your Sponsor and Free2Cycle on your behalf if you are pedalling in line with your commitment. For more information get in touch or take a look at our FAQs.

So, here’s the deal:

  • You give us your mileage pledge by telling us how many miles you can commit to cycling each week.
  • We use your pledge to work out the value of bike we can offer you in exchange for your pedal power.
  • The only way we’d like for you to pay for your bike is by pedalling it. If you stick to your mileage commitment then between your Sponsor and Free2Cycle we’ll pick up the payment. If you don’t, that’s fine too but you’ll need to pay for the percentage you didn’t achieve.
  • With Free2Cycle you get to own your bike by entering into a finance agreement and pay for it by using it.