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What is Free2Cycle?

How we got here

It all started with a couple of us chatting and a desire to turn frustrations and limitations into something positive. We talked about: Our impact on the environment - a small island with a huge amount of traffic and commuters; The health of our people - obesity, diabetes, depression and heart disease, not to mention the annual coughs and colds! Our original idea was...

if we give everyone a free bike and get them cycling we can help to improve health, have a positive impact on the environment and save money for individuals and society

With this in mind we got our thinking caps on. With a bit of research, we realised that there are some great incentives out there... but we wanted more! We wanted to offer a fun, simple initiative that was attractive and could be made available to all. We wanted to get people on bikes and to encourage our friends, neighbours and co-workers to get moving and into the great outdoors.

That was it, we had our mission. Since then we have collaborated, developed and extensively researched to discover the best solution. It was a serious ride, but now we are here and very pleased to say that Free2Cycle is born! So, let’s all jump on our brand new free bikes and improve the health, wealth and environmental wellbeing of our Great Britain.

The Team

Eric was born in the UK to adventurous parents, he has lived and worked in many different countries where he enjoyed the cultural diversity to which he was exposed. Throughout his life he has demonstrated that doing what is good for others is both good for business and the soul, this ethos guides his approach to life. From a business point of view he has been fortunate to gain an exceptional depth and breadth of experience as a result of the managerial, directorship, industry leadership and extensive consulting roles in which he has been involved. He's a big supporter of assessing what can be improved and what works well which is the ultimate university of life, he also values the skills enhanced through formal qualifications which for Eric includes an MBA and additional qualifications in Marketing, Business Management and Assurance. With the creation of Free2Cycle he is following his passion for societal improvement in health and wellbeing as well as the environment, calling on his catalogue of personal and business knowledge, skills and competencies to deliver what will be a meaningful and beneficial initiative.

James is a passionate amateur road cyclist and mountain biker who has completed many events. Beyond cycling, James manages his personal investment portfolio following the sale of his share in a successful prestige and sports car dealership, which he had established in 1996. James was invited to join Free2Cycle because of his enthusiasm and knowledge of cycling and to share his financial and managerial expertise gained from over 20 years of running successful businesses.

Brett brings with him a wealth of business experience, acumen and skills. As immediate past CEO of Dimension Data, an $8 billion global technology and services company, he not only shares the expansion objectives of the board of Free2Cycle, but has 16 years of experience of business building on a global scale. Brett holds a B Com. in Business & Commerce.

Alex joined the world of professional cycling after completing his A levels. Having been invited to join the under 23 GB Cycling team, he achieved 7th in the World Championships. He went on to win the European Championships and obtain a Silver in the Commonwealth Games in 2010. Alex has endured highs and lows, which have included great successes and bitter disappointments. From breaking a world record and winning gold at the Commonwealth Games to crashing out of the Tour de France and not achieving Olympic selection due to injury, these experiences have helped shape his character. Alex races in a sport renowned for serious injury despite his severe haemophilia condition. His courage and positive attitude act as an inspiration to young people around the world through his charity, Little Bleeders.

Anthony was born in London and apart from 5 years in Manchester has lived all his life in west and then north London. Throughout his career Anthony has focused on improvement and making life better both for individuals and for organisations. His involvement in many different business operations both in the UK and Overseas has convinced him that everyone has something to offer and that by working together great things can be achieved. Anthony has a degree in mechanical engineering and started his career as a plant and machinery engineer with British Rail, being involved in pretty much everything except trains! He left British Rail to do an MBA at Manchester Business School and then moved into insurance where he held a variety of increasingly senior roles across three different organisations. His responsibilities have included group strategy, financial planning and analysis, resource planning, project management, client relationships and management of data, analytics and reporting both in the UK and worldwide. Anthony is skilled at change management and process improvement with a focus on Lean techniques and is an accredited lean practitioner.