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Transforming Wellbeing

Organisations partner with free2cycle to take advantage of the refreshingly innovative, simple and effective approach to transforming wellbeing.

As a sponsoring organisation, it’s simple to implement, there are no upfront costs and it delivers clear financial and organisational benefits.

As a cyclist, you use your bike and it pays for itself, use it to commute and you earn meaningful rewards too.

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Encouraging and reinforcing behavioural change - not simply providing a bike

Sponsoring organisations - we call them sponsors, are employers, charities or any organisation that is keen to transform wellbeing for people and society. Sponsors only pay for results at a capped rate of 20p per mile ridden, no upfront costs, no impact on the balance sheet or payroll. It's simplicity itself to make it available with absolutely minimal ongoing management.

Whatever your organisation's priorities are, free2cycle provides an innovative offering that's simple to implement and delivers effective, measurable results.

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How do you get your hands on a new bike?

Use your bike and it pays for itself, use it to commute and you earn meaningful rewards.

  • Click Choose my bike, pledge your mileage and browse around.
  • If your sponsoring organisation is already registered you’re on a roll, just follow the easy application process. If your sponsoring organisation isn’t registered, please share their details with us during your application and we’ll invite them to get involved.
  • By riding your bike and recording the mileage it gets paid for by your sponsoring organisation and free2cycle. To get your bike you'll be completing a finance application, which will show you what you'd need to pay if you order a bike but leave it in the shed.
  • Collect your bike from your friendly local retailer.
  • Hop on your bike and enjoy it.

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