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free2cycle is a simple and effective health and wellbeing initiative that takes advantage of technology and an attractive business model.

free2cycle partners with sponsors, who are employers or any organisation that is keen to improve the health and wellbeing of their team and society.

As a free2cycle cyclist, if you use your bike, it pays for itself and if you use it to commute, we’ll reward you.

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Sponsoring Organisations

Why sponsors choose free2cycle?

free2cycle sponsors benefit from fitter, healthier and happier teams, increasing productivity while reducing absenteeism, parking requirements and associated expenses.

free2cycle can provide measurable health and environmental results and is an appealing benefit that encourages recruitment and retention.

It’s free to register, there are no upfront costs, no outsourcing payroll or balance sheet implications and minimal administration.

As a free2cycle sponsor you only contribute 20p per mile for results. It’s a tax deductible expense and if the bike isn’t used, the cyclist pays.

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Why cyclists choose free2cycle?

In exchange for your pedal power, free2cycle will provide you with a new bike of your choice.

The value of your bike is determined by your mileage pledge (how far you’ll ride).

You use our free app to track and record your rides. If you commute by bike, you’ll also earn rewards.

As long as you record your rides and achieve your mileage pledge, your bike is paid for by your sponsor (typically your employer or charity) and free2cycle.

To get your bike you'll need to complete a finance application. This is simply because you may need to contribute if you don’t achieve your pledge.

If your sponsor is already registered you’re on a roll, just follow the easy application process. If not, we’ll invite them to get involved.

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