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Bikes funded by pedal power - you ride it and it pays for itself.

Free2Cycle is about simplicity and effectiveness.

We're shaking things up by getting more people on their bikes with a game changing health, wellbeing and environmental initiative. The concept is simple, the rewards are remarkable and there are benefits for all involved.

Welcome to Free2Cycle

Free2Cycle for cyclists


How do you get your hands on a new bike?

It’s simple and it all starts here….

  • Take a look at our application checklist before you begin.
  • Click apply now, tell us your mileage pledge and we will show you which bikes we can offer you.
  • If your Sponsor is registered you’re on a roll, follow our easy application process and choose your bike.
  • If your Sponsor is not yet registered, please share their details with us during the application process, we’ll get in touch with them. You may also want to approach your Sponsor/Human Resources Team about Free2Cycle. Together we can encourage them to sign up.
  • Collect your bike from your friendly local retailer.
  • Jump on your bike and start pedalling.

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What’s in it for you?

  • As a sponsoring organisation, you only pay for miles ridden, resulting in a more active, healthier, happier team and a better environment;
  • Quantifiable financial and organisational benefits including measurable CO2 savings and strong Corporate Social Responsibility credentials;
  • Additionally; employers benefit from reduced sick days, increased productivity, a more energised team; and
  • A cleaner environment

Unlike traditional cycle schemes

  • It is equally attractive to all, regardless of earnings;
  • It delivers a healthier, happier team by getting people to ride their bike, not simply own a bike;
  • It’s simple, there are no upfront costs, no balance sheet impacts, no salary sacrifice adjustments or payroll impact; and
  • We supply clear reporting of CO2 reduction and substituted mileage.

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Free2Cycle for Employers