Frequently asked questions for retailers.

What’s in it for me as a retailer?

When you complete the pre-delivery inspection (PDI) and handover the bike to a free2cycle customer, we will pay you the majority of the margin (based on full RRP) that you would have earned selling the bike yourself. We intend to provide you with more turnover than ever before. We direct our clients to your door, offering them a taste of both your service and products. This is your opportunity to capture new, loyal clientele who have not been targeted before.

How will you increase our sales?

First and foremost by a dramatic increase in the number of people buying bikes, all of whom will be directed towards their local free2cycle associated retailers.

How do you get free2cycle cyclists to stay with me as their local retailer?

The ongoing client relationship is very important. We encourage free2cycle cyclists to use you for all future purchases, services and advice. We reward on-target cyclists with vouchers which will, by default, be redeemable at the store from which they collected their bike. If you have any cycle shop community offerings such as cycle clubs or events this would be a great way to embrace your clients further.

What is the price point of the bikes that are available through the free2cycle initiative?

There is no fixed price point. The customers pledge mileage determines the value of bike funded by pedal power. Bikes up to a value of up to £1,750 can be funded by pedal power alone, additionally cyclists can chip in with a personal contribution if they want to upgrade their bike. This allows them to choose higher-end or electric bikes.

Will free2cycle cyclists use me for their servicing?

We will encourage all free2cycle cyclists to build and maintain a relationship with their local retailers. Based on their commute mileage achieved, free2cycle will reward cyclists with vouchers redeemable at free2cycle associated retailers.

How do you make sure that the customer has ordered the right size bike?

We include the manufacturers’ size guides and information on our website and request cyclists to use these to confirm the bike is the correct size and suitable for them.

Who controls pricing?

All bikes are provided at supplier’s RRP.

Where does the money come from and go to and when does everyone get paid?

The liquidity is provided by free2cycle’s funding partners as a loan to the cyclist. free2cycle collects a contribution from the sponsor based on the cyclist’s mileage. In effect, the cyclist’s pedal power pays for the bike. Suppliers and retailers get paid within 7 days of the cyclist collecting their bike from the retailer.

Is this another internet business?

We use the internet to join the entire supply and demand chain in an efficient way, which is how we make this an extremely scalable solution.
We are part of a cycling industry that is mainly run by cycle enthusiasts who like nothing more than to share the love of cycling. free2cycle is targeting the huge market that don’t currently cycle on a regular basis and who will appreciate the help of friendly local retailers. We will also be working with and supporting other cycling businesses and charities that share our aim of giving people the help, training and encouragement to get on their new bike.

Does this replace or compete with other initiatives or schemes?

This is a health and wellbeing initiative based around behavioural change that happens to involve cycling. Our focus is on a whole new market, set to be considerably larger than the current highly contested market.

We're waiting for a bike that hasn’t been delivered in the expected time frame.

Please send an email to provider.support@free2cycle.com, please include the cyclists name and order number.

A free2cycle customer has not arrived to collect their bike.

If one of our cyclists has not collected their bike 14 days after the agreed collection date, please contact us on provider.support@free2cycle.com, please include the cyclist's name and order number.

A free2cycle customer wants to return their bike (or cancels their order).

If the cyclist refuses the bicycle on the grounds of its suitability, the participating retailer may, at its discretion, consider offering an alternative bicycle from its stock and retain the free2cycle bicycle for later sale.
In this circumstance, advice should be sought from free2cycle as to whether this exchange can be considered, and if so, the steps that need to be taken to ensure the loan agreement and handover document remain appropriate. Where the price is higher, the cyclist will normally be asked to make an upfront additional payment, whilst if it is lower, the participating retailer can offer goods to make up the difference.

If the prospective cyclist cancels the order or fails to take delivery of the bike the retailer should contact free2cycle to confirm the process which may vary dependent on supplier. The bike would normally be returned to the relevant supplier, if this isn’t supported by the supplier free2cycle will arrange for collection of the bike.

We need to update free2cycle of a change to our service provider details (address, bank details, name, new branch, branch closure).

Please send an email to provider.support@free2cycle.com.