We are passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of people and the planet.

Here's how we're supporting the United Nations sustainable development goals.

free2cycle impacts on 10 of the 17 SDG's - click the goals with the white tick to find out how.

Our target for 2019 is to focus on goal 13 by taking action to combat climate change. This year we are challenging ourselves to save a whopping 441 tonnes of carbon *, that's equivalent to planting a forest of 27,000 trees!

How do we plan to do this? ....By doing what we do best.

We aim to get 9,000 people pedalling with us in 2019 - together we can do more!

To see how much carbon you could save by pedalling check out our carbon savings calculator.

Carbon savings estimate based on data published by the DfT for an average commute of 30 miles per week.

We make it easy for people to get cycling and encourage them to keep at it, improving their health and wellbeing.

free2cycle is an equal opportunities employer and are committed to providing equal rights and rewards for all of our customers and applicants.

free2cycle enables and promotes an active lifestyle and sustainable transport. Active people are more energetic, productive and enjoy improved health and wellbeing.

A key element of sustainable industrialisation is sustainable transport which is one of free2cycle's primary goals. We encourages people to move away from traditional forms of transport and transition to  more active alternatives.

Our initiative and the associated benefits are equally available across the country and in future, internationally.

Creating safe and sustainable environments is core to our mission. Promoting cycling in place of other forms of transport will reduce pollution and make our urban environments more peaceful, playful and pleasurable.

free2cycle encourages positive behaviour by financially rewarding sustainable use of the bikes we provide while reinforcing social responsibility through ownership, accountability and personal responsibility.

free2cycle measures and reports on how much carbon is saved when using a bike instead of a polluting means of transport and provide direct feedback to our cyclists and their organisations to encourage behavioural change.

We motivate people to cycle and therefore occupy much less road space than alternative means of transport. This means green spaces can replace hard surfaces which will nurture a more peaceful, playful and pleasurable environment.

We believe we share the world and its resources, and that by taking collective action we can make a positive impact. Our partnership approach with organisations, individuals and throughout our distribution chain helps improve lives, our environment and our economy.


"Supporting the Sustainable Development Goal's is at the heart of everything that we do." -Eric Craig CEO of free2cycle


To find out more about the sustainable development goals visit the UN's dedicated webpage and check out the lazy person's guide to saving the world to see how easily you can take action!


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